Window dressing

A chorus line of flowers

I have a confession to make, dear reader, I must put my hand up to a dark vice, I have an incurable nerdy interest in people’s houses. Now, the evenings are getting dark earlier, as I walk along the street I love to look into houses to see how rooms are arranged. To keep out nosey prying gazes, make a virtue of the problem early in the process of designing a room and incorporate solutions to create privacy or cover an eyesore.

Total solution

Make a diversion in the foreground, the obvious is sheers but though there are devine fabrics out there they still have a poor press. For instant privacy and security my favourite solution is to install plantation shutters. From the inside they are great for blocking out unattractive views.  With adjustable shutters and hinged panels you decide on the levels of privacy and light you want. Being bespoke, they come in a variety of wood finishes or painted to match any scheme.

Create a diversion

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