Colour Is Magic

Colour as background

Colour affects how people feel, it can work magic. We’ve all heard about blue being calming and contemplative, that’s not the full story, selecting colours isn’t instant.

Cant get enough of green at the moment

I’ve been asked when a colour brochre says the walls are painted a specific colour why doesn’t it look like that in your room?

Colour for detail

There are allsorts of reasons, different lighting, the orientation of the room, how other colours reflect off it, how large the room is, the list continues. Choose colours on site and don’t think just because Elephants Breath looks devine in your friends living room it will be great in yours.

Colour to start a story

Choosing colours isn’t necessarily a quick process, Saturday morning at Homebase when you are picking up the paint to get the walls done over the weekend isn’t really the right place to choose.

Colour can sing

When you are choosing have a really good think just how you want to feel in the room. Invest in swatch pots to avoid expensive mistakes, start by trying three swatches in the area of the colour you want to achieve. Make samples by painting them on pieces of thick lining paper. Then along with all your other samples of fabric and carpet try them together in different lights throughout the day. This will help you gauge the right colour, it gives scope to fiddle about to get the colour that really sings and pulls everything together.

Be brave!

Believe me I’m an expert.


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