Making Space for Mindfulness

Nothing like flowers to bring instant beauty

Life is complicated and busy, it takes over, too often no space for mindfulness. Meals are sociable times when  we get together to catch up. In too much of a hurry and forget to stop to get our breath back.  I wanted to put some calmness into mealtimes, how can I get the room peaceful to get in the moment?

Layers of soft pinkness

I cleared the rubble of life from the table to make space for some visual treats. I love these elegant bud vases, with their curvy shapes, enough to complement some gorgeous flowers.

A crowd of blooms

I arranged a crowd of blooms with some candles, a visual treat, to feel special on my birthday.

Enjoy the fleeting beauty

A great place to stop and take in the moment. It was a very happy day that has grown into several days and can be enjoyed by everyone who passes by or sits down for a meal.

Love the way they sing

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