In Celebration of Gorgeous Utilitarian Sewing Tools

So pretty you will always be able to find this when you need it

I’ve got to admit I do love the gadgetry that goes with sewing. The dangerous purposeful scissors, those glorious sharp glass headed pins that pepper cutting out like guiding dots on a map, carded needle selections for creating things way beyond run of the mill ordinary.

Celebrate your making by sewing in a label

I love the way a sewing box builds an inventory, chronicling past projects, other era patterns, handy little off cuts of trimmings and elastic, half finished spools of thread, buttons that dredge up memories of past creations.

A must have in any home

Any one who likes the idea etomology pins has got to catch my attention and one of my best obsessional finds is Merchant and Mills, whos’ beautiful graphics and packaging pay homage to gorgeous utilitarian tools, the workhorse of the sewing room. Perhaps it’s time for fashion to move over and give some of the limelight in celebration of these thoughtfully designed hardworking tried and tested tools so important in creating fashion.

Even if the sewing bug doesn't get you, spend some time drooling over these beautiful cards

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