The Homewood, Modernist Masterpiece

The Homewood floats above the garden

Suddenly autumn has arrived, the leaves are turning, now is the best time of year to visit Patrick Gwynne’s, The Homewood, set in a landscaped garden in Esher. Back in my teenage years I would have scoffed at a house with a name and location like that expecting it to be one of suburbia’s lavish mock tudorbean confections. Happily my preconceived ideas were swiftly booted into touch when I visited this modernist masterpiece.

Thin columns support the structure

Supported on thin columns the house hovers above the landscaped garden that rolls away from the building. After the generous porte cochere the modest entrance area leads to a staircase that curls around on itself to the first floor. Here, with huge garden views, the wide bridge like landing opens out, but nothing prepares you for the vast dreamy living room beyond. Dominated by a wall of windows with garden views, the room is breathtaking. The interior in muted natural colours with sprung maple floors, a great slab of marble at the fireplace, the careful balanced proportions of the wall of shelves and cupboards, the beautiful furniture all carefully designed to fit the space.

Huge enamel paintings

Outside straight lines dominate, in contrast there is a glorious subtle elliptical curve to the study wall, high on the first floor wall the wonderful rich abstract enamels add another dimension to the garden, the juxtaposition of surface textures creates a rich sophisticated luxe.

Long garden views

The house has a quiet monumentality, everything meant, considered, exterior and interior, it is a  complete, delicious space.

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  1. Mike Baker says:

    Fantastic description – if there were a Booker Prize for website writing, you’d get my vote.

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