There’s a Whole Lot of Loving Going On

Rubber stamps and a little bit of thought

Chairing my own fan club, has responsibilities and recently there’s been a string of events to say thank you for. I am struck by how much love family and friends have put into special gifts for me. Somewhat humbled I’d like to show my appreciation by sending something I have created. Not a statement just something that says, I sat and thought about your kindness while I made you something.

Rough out the word with pencil then join the dots, remember to rub out the pencil guide lines.

Home made cards, what could be easier

So I had a look through the baskets on my desk and came up with a few ideas for personalised thank you cards.

So easy, I'd be delighted to get one!

It’s not rocket science and it’s amazing how good saying thank you makes you feel, doubles the feel good factor of the presents.

Just play around with the stamps 'til you are happy

Saying thank you makes you feel good too

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