Aaronson Noon Glass Studio Sale

Wedged in at the end of an ordinary London street

Look down an ordinary London street lined with a regiment of Victorian terraced houses and wedged in at the end is one of my favourite places in London the Aaronson Noon Glass Studio.

Kyoto lamp by Aaronson Noon

Alchemy happening in a very ordinary street

The molten glass is patiently tamed and coaxed

A place of rich imagery, industrial chimneys reach down, a clutch of glowing firey furnaces, the chiaroscuro straight out of the world of Wright of Derby paintings, Beelzebub would be at home here.

Patient process of creating

That molten glass will be made into something amazing

The team work away creating the most exquisite pieces from molten glass, that is tamed and coaxed into covetable statement lamps, vases, bowls, finials, door knobs, there’s a space for one of their pieces of alchemy in every home.

Get yourself something special

Get a feel for this amazing place this weekend and snap up a bargain in their sale. If the bug bites take a glass blowing course with the Adam Aaronson and learn the secrets of  creating in glass.



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  1. Aaronson Noon Glass Studio has now moved after 18 happy and successful years at Roxby Place London. We have moved our glassblowing studio to West Horsley in Surrey, but our showroom and gallery are still in London, within World’s End Studios on Lots Road in Chelsea (SW10 0RJ). See our websites for more information: http://www.aaronsonnoon.com. We hope you will continue to visit.

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