She Feeds You Tea and Oranges All The Way From China

Orange Peko, perfect tea shop, don't resist being drawn in!

I’m sipping green tea brought to me by friends all the way from China. The flavour is like nothing else I have ever experienced. It’s a surprise, a wake up to my taste buds that are used to being sloshed with a brew made using tea bags. This discovery takes me back to tea ceremonies of my imagination, always loose leaf in a pot, collaged with images from Leonards Cohens’ Suzanne. All I can ask now is, how on earth did I let a delicious ritual be superceded by bags that are so far removed from this wonderful drink. So the gauntlet has been thrown down for the quest of good tea.

Great selection of teas

That certainly means a stop at Orange Pekoe in Barnes, a tea drinkers fest, is called for. On every table there’s a book explaining all the teas they have and with a tea sommelier on hand you cant help but find the perfect brew to sip on its own or compliment whatever you choose off their sophisticated, delicious tea shop menu.

How can you resist being drawn in?

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