Sir John Soane, Pitzhanger Manor

Inside or out Munson's, good for watching the world go by

You know how it goes, day tightly organised around a string of appointments, then with zero notice one gets postponed and suddenly from full steam ahead you end up kicking your heels. So that’s what happened to me in Ealing, stuck in limbo for a couple of hours.

Always an observation to read on the board

There’s a great little coffee shop Munson’s at the end of  The Grove, on St Mary’s Rd, so I went down there to pick up a bite to eat and watch passing cafe life, delicious organic fairtrade coffee and homemade sandwiches.

Fro Yo, slips down so easily

Next door is Finster’s Fro Yo, frozen yougurt, how can you resist such a delicious low calories treat for cooling your brow on a hot day.

Hidden away in the leafy suburb

Walking along The Grove, peek over walls, through gateways to catch a glimpse of beautiful crumbly hefty Georgian houses. A place where so much film history was created at the Ealing Studios. Then onto the crowning glory Sir John Soane’s, Pitzhanger Manor, such a gem,  you can walk into off the street and take a few minutes to wander around finding out the design secrets of the architect who did so much for architecture.

Sir John Soane at Pitzhanger Manor

The chance to see the architects drawing board, who could resist a piece of kit like that?

Soane's drawing board, reminds you how much can be done with simple paper and pencils!

The house is mostly unfurnished, so you get a chance to see the bare bones of his designs, and how he used materials to make a bold interior.

Flower detail in vaulted ceiling

Then as if that’s not a special enough treat into PM Gallery next door to catch up with  the traveling show Robin and Lucienne Day: Design and the Modern Interior. Certainly a day to remember when the fast pace of life allowed a little bit of hooky joy to seep in to brighten a couple of hours!

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