Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury

Naked Garden, lots of places to hide

Oooh, we must go to the Naked Gardens, my sisters says. I look at her baffled, suddenly in that sentence I’ve found out a whole lot of new stuff about her, and I haven’t packed my cosi ‘just incase’. Further probing and I found out she was talking about Abbey House Gardens, yes they do have optional naked days, and I’m not fessing up here to whether we took our clothes off or not.

Jaw dropping moments

It’s jaw droppingly beautiful, and the surprises go on and on with each new space you enter. On the upper level a series of classical rooms among the Abbey ruins, lots of roses, espalier fruit trees both low for bed edging and traditional height, a giant chess set, a wonderful well stocked herb garden.  Then a complete change of pace with a more contemporary sculptural feel on the slope leading down to and across the river.

So much beautiful detail

And you wont believe it but surrounded by this eye popping beauty my camera battery expired so no pictures of the lower level. No excuse not to go back for part two, in the spring when the laburnum tunnel is in flower would be great.

Worth a repeat visit

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