5 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Luscious Headboard

Make something special

Make a stunning statement in your bedroom with a bespoke headboard. This is a stylish project, easy to complete over a weekend. You will need to order some things in advance but once you have the kit rounded up it wont take long to complete.

Make a chic bedroom


  1. Measure height and width and decide on size of your headboard. Check fabric requirements, depending on whether the design is suitable you can cut costs by covering the headboard using the fabric lengthwise over the width of the headboard, it makes it tidier and you wont have to add on extra bits. I used a wide antique bed spread, the fabric was well washed before I used it.
  2. Ask your wood yard to cut 18mm MDF to size for you. Choose a flame retardant foam, it comes in several thicknesses, have it cut to size by your supplier. Wadding softens the look taking off the sharp edges, so it’s luscious enough to make you want to sink back into it.
  3. In a well ventilated area, following manufacturers instructions, use foam adhesive to stick the foam to the backing board. Cover foam with a layer of wadding, again, to stick down use spray adhesive.
  4. Cut fabric to size allowing for turning in and sew on extra pieces as necessary. Cover foam and wadding with fabic, stitch or fold the corners, then staple the fabric down to the back of the board. Following manufacturers instructions spray front with fabric protector.
  5. Your headboard can be attached to the bed but whenever possible I prefer to use concealed wall mounting brackets, as they give a better finish. Measure up screw brackets on walls and on headboard. Put up headboard then stand back to admire your sheer brilliance.

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