Kenwood House

Very Adam and lots of white

When I was a kid a friend of my parents was curator at Kenwood House, an elegant villa, an unmissable Adam gem, set in landscaped parkland, unbelievably a wide open country experience in the city.

Once when I was very small, when I was in their secret apartment I had such an Alice in Wonderland experience. I went through the wrong door and found myself no longer in the family cosieness but in the grand tall rooms hung with paintings all looking down at me, I was rescued from the adventure before it had a chance to unfold any further.

Very imposing

It’s great to be able to wander through the house and take in the Iveagh bequest, a wonderful collection of paintings that includes work by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Turner and Gainsburgh. There’s also a huge collection of shoe buckles, the thought of the events and conspiracies those glittery, glamourous, accessories threaded with luxe silks must have been paraded at is quite inspiring.

Stay for the cafe

Wander onto the heath with a picnic or visit the cafe with it’s delicious temptations.

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