I’m Dreaming of a Carpet of Flowers

Beautiful daffodils

I’m dreaming of flowers, dancing in the wind, in sharp winter sunlight. Curled under the soil all winter, just at the point when the short dark days seem to be never ending, loudly they spring to life.

Outrageous bright colours

Plant them now, so easy to dig a hole then drop in their papery cases full of promise for next spring, be generous.

A bunch of flowers that goes on for years

Reliable, watch them blossom year after year.

Exsquisite detail

On the worn out lawn plant a beautiful carpet of uplifting flowers. Dream of looking out through the tall windows of  the house onto an intoxicating picture of bright spring flowers, so full of hope.

A carpet of delicate blooms

Make sure there are some fierce cats about to guard your bright jewels and scare off roving pirates.

Watch out

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