Patches, the New Cool?

Rediscovery of yesteryear chores

A friend snorted crossly, as she pronounced, we are all so broke now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next trendy pass time to be rediscovered to amuse ourselves during the long cold winter evenings will be darning.

Click on the picture to get all the insiders knowledge you need to start darning!

I could hardly bring myself to share my excitement at finding this wonderful little retro tome in a sewing shop, complete with original notes no less, and the crowning glory, a selection of miniature samples! Such a treasure, enshrining the agony of yesteryear domestic science lessons.

Patch, embellish and personalise

But fear not, these pass times have been covered by the illustrator Jennie Maizels with her magnificent clothes plasters and the best thing is you dont even need to thread a needle!

No needle to thread!

And look at all the delicious designs, so many uses, for mending, embellishing and personalisation.

So many to choose from

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