Modern Windsor Chair, Kicks the Competiton Into To Touch

Dave Green's Modern Windsor Chair, lyrical well proportioned and best of all comfortable

You know how love at first sight can be so disappointing. Not so with debut design for the Modern Windsor Chair by Dave Green, designer maker of Warwickshire-based Sitting Firm Chairmakers, he’s come up with a winner.

As I crossed the hall to inspect, with each step closer my excitement grew, I could see it all added up. It’s a tall order, to achieve great looks combined with comfort and sittability, all rolled into one package. Green has come up trumps, with it’s satisfying well proportioned good looks, the delicate lyrical upward tilt of the arm arrest at the end of the generous exuberant swing of the back rest, I can’t describe the comfort of the satisfying curve and slant of the back, great to relax into, believe me this chair delivers on every front.

Green is s a consummate maker, the evidence is there, with his 22 year ‘apprenticeship’ servicing  the trade with traditional classic Windsor chairs, popular in Japan, Europe and the USA, the investment has paid off. This chair is capable of being held up to comparison with the best of design. At last a British contemporary classic, it ticks the boxes, strong on design and comfort, an investment piece.

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