Grand Union Canal to the Rescue

Banks of the Grand Union Canal

Imagine it, with the new car at the garage and they say it’ll only be about an hour and a half, why not have a coffee and read of the paper in the cafe. Of course it will turn out to be the usual extended waiting game and what to do in Acton for an idefinite time? I look at the map and the Grand Union Canal jumps out at me, yes let’s see if I can get to Port-a-Bella-Dock at Ladbooke Grove before the magic release call.

Lots growing on the banks

I set off through the industrial landscape along the tow path, past canal boats, boat yards and the vast skeletal gassometers. On the banks, a private land removed from the city there are cyclists, dog walkers, tramps, along with shrine like plantings, wild hedges of balackberries, cob nuts and sloes growing, such profusion.

Monumental industrial bridge

Eventually Ladbrooke Grove and The Dock Kitchen Restaurant where I stop for a coffee and fabulous cherry and rose water sorbets. How remarkable to be sitting in an industrial landscape that has been turned into something so special. There’s the Tom Dixon shop too, full of eye candy design.

Port-a-Bella-Dock, Ladbrooke Grove

Next on to the Kensal Green Cemetery but that’s  another story. Today’s looked like it was going to be trapped tied to the garage time clock, it’s realised it’s full potential and become so much more! And yes the car was repaired as well.

On the Terrace outside The Dock Kitchen

Sorbets, cherry and rose water

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