Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery great place for an exit!

A friend was telling me that when she goes back to Sweden to visit her family next week she will go to her grandmothers’ grave with her mother following the tradition in Sweden of visiting the dead on Halloween. I got thinking about that and thought perhaps it’s time for another trip to the wonderful Kensal Green Cemetery. Apparently I’m not the only one, friends were telling me about their recent visit and the amazing graves they found.

Monumental sense of occasion

Avenues of monuments

By the beginning of the nineteenth century graveyards in London were full. The General Cemetery Company was set up and with land purchased the cemetery in Kensal Green was consecrated in 1832. The idea caught on and with their success cemeteries became big business. There are incredible graves here, look out for one for Isambard Kingdom Brunel as well as authors Trollope and Thackery. Also a chance to head over to The Dock Kitchen, just over the bridge.

Like going to Roman ruins!

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