Are Cupcakes as Addictive as Cocaine?

Lillies, power dressers of the flower world

With fascination I read a piece of research about addiction and the writer was asking could cupcakes be as adductive as cocaine?

Lillies for memorial as well as over the top scented beauty

Yes sure we can all be guilty of piling in the sugar, too much alcohol, in our loose way of describing them as part of our everyday life, they are negative, addictions. It got me thinking about whether I have any  addictions that could be termed harmless, or positive? Well yeah, that one I had for the gym 150 years ago but what about my love for flowers?

Love the ruffled pinks

At the moment, courtesy of huge generosity of family and friends, I am loving being indulged with show stopping 80’s style floral tributes. Go down to your veg shop see what’s on special, fill a vase with their magnificence.

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