Too Late to Turn Back, and There’s Something Even Better to Do!

Kettle's Yard, was four dilapidated cottages before renovations and adaptions

Cambridge for the day and plans to meet are postponed with a text, too late to turn back. I couldn’t have wished for more, my excuse to cut class and spend some time in Kettle’s Yard.

Unique, hard to describe, not completely a gallery, more a collection and place to study. Domestic, informal, perfect for just sitting in contemplation, it has to rank near the top of my best places to be.

An essay on beautiful thoughtful display

Kettle’s Yard, the home of Jim and Helen Ede’s collection of artworks, furnishings and natural objects. Ede, a Tate gallery curator during the 20’s and 30’s was a ‘friend of artists’, these included Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, David Jones and Christopher Wood He bought their works as well as from other artists he met through them, Henri Gaudier-Brezska, Joan Miro, Constantin Brancusi and Alfred Wallace.

Get there, breath in the atmosphere surrounded by lyrical artwork and discover the art of thought provoking display in a domestic setting.

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