City of London Walk

So close you could reach out to touch the dome

These bright sunny winter weekend days are great for heading off to the City of London for a walk. During the week busy, fast and pacey, deserted at the weekend.  We went to the top floor of One New Change, it’s so close to St Paul’s it’s as if you could stretch out and touch the dome.

In the City, buildings tightly packed together

The City of London is a mere square mile, buildings are packed together. Like in Venice space is so limited, you cant get far enough back to see the whole building.

All different styles jammed in

So much history round every corner.

Apothecaries Hall

At The Apothecaries Hall they have a stunning collection of blue and white Majolica apthecary jars. Wonderful fanciful heraldic beasts.

There's so much history

On a bright day a great place to wander, better still go on a guided walk with the Blue Badge Guides.

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