Tube Strike

These boots were made for walking

Today with the tube strike, I’m not alone having to rethink my journeys, this inconvenience has shown me a whole different way of traveling. As I thumbed through the A-Z, looking for new routes, reading the street names, seeing how different areas join up, I had that bubbly holiday feeling of excitement. I like peoples’ spirit as they set off for work wearing trainers, work shoes swinging in a bag, determined to make it even though the trip will be difficult. The anticipation of a morning walk over the Millennium Bridge into the city is enough to get me out of bed early to arrive at meetings on time.

The cake shop with cakes that are worth walking for

Walking over the bridge has got to be inspiring

Later in the day, sans tube, I need to get from Moorgate to Finchley Rd. Much to my surprise there’s a quick way by train with only one change. I offered a silent thank you to my mother, in the 60’s, when the North London over ground line was under threat of closure, not usually a political animal, she heroically took to activism and it stayed open. I love the way the line links the suburbs together with now hardly used place name for station names, like a vintage string of pearls, Canonbury, Brondesbury, Barnsbury.

Hidden gems

Opting for the tube unthinkingly has blinkered me, it’s taken the strike to open my eyes to the opportunities of discovery, traveling new routes being a tourist in my own city. But even researching using the internet the options were opaque and planning took time. So far as I am concerned the strike is win, win, with the bonus of an interesting journey combined with exercise.

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