Montpellier Chapter Hotel, Cheltenham for Inspiration

Comfortable classy interior

Getting away just for the day or a weekend does wonders for the spirit. So when a friend invites me to inspect her new des res, like a shot I am there. The bissful chance to spend acres of time shopping for furniture, light fittings, fabrics, well you know how it is, the list is endless when you move house, styling is something I am proud to admit to being an expert at. With a clean slate you have the chance to get an overview of the things you own, just what’s out there and reassess the style direction you want to go in. Spend time researching the market then make thoughtful changes. And it doesn’t have to be bank breaking stuff, with a few deft tweaks here and there it’s easy to transplant and reinvent your home decor to fit the new space and give yourself new direction.

Brimming with original character and detail combined with world class ceramics by Sophie Cook

Along with niche boutiques, we did the huge out of town aeroplane hangar superstores with their interminable featureless avenues of home wares. They work hard for our money and can deliver style on a limited budget to a savy shopper prepared to put in the research and leg work. Go with a list to help you stay focused on your objective, otherwise it can be a confusing, costly, dispiriting, experience and you can fast fall out of love with your new space.

Reinvent and display collections

All work and no play makes Jill a very dull girl so there was also time for inspiration and refueling. I was blown away by The Montpellier Chapter, a hotel I had visited a few years ago in a different giuse. A wonderful rambling Regency building with high ceilinged rooms which has recently had an cool, classy interiors revamp.

The Walnut, miles from the usual stuffy corporate reception desk

Sometimes luxury hotels can be self conscious and snooty. No chance of that here, packed with good design, artwork and retaining lots of original character this place is a very classy comfortable space.

Lots of eclectic curated artwork

And you don’t have to book in  and blow the cost of several meters of fabric to enjoy the experience. After you heavy duty fact finding and shopping mission drop by for bar snacks, the restaurant or tea in the conservatory.

Delicious, memorable bar snacks

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