When is a Folly not a Folly?

Utterly perfect, it even has a croquet lawn

Follies are a version of posh slumming it, a miniature bijou residence, the perfect escape at this grey time of year. A friend impressed me with her advice, when she goes away to a  cottage, she transports a whole life style, throws, candelabras, food and wine,  a sensible precaution against a disappointing Withnail experience. She wouldn’t have any of those worries if she went to The Library, a magical Landmark Trust folly in Devon. The décor was sensible country house comfort, neither jarring nor fashionable, it hit the spot, what a relief.

Folly with a chimney!

A folly with an open fire is just the right location for a few days of hunkering down for a good read in front of a blazing log fire. Without an invisible crew of lackies to create moments for you to just stumble across take a few of the right luxuries, like fruit cake and go foraging for local delicacies to eat and drink fireside picnics Owl and Pussycat style from a runcible spoon.

Perfect places for just chilling

As for appropriate autumn time folly costume, I am thinking Byronic Bohemian  would be perfect and easy to put together, lots of layers, some must be silk others fur edged. Failing that, The White Company is always good for cosy elegant layering, clothing and home ware. And do remember to take genuine fleece lined slouchy boots, excellent for when you need to break out of your warm cocoon to collect extra kitchen supplies.

Perfect Folly

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