So How Do You Restore Calm?

Too many hard surfaces and a space can become noisy

A friend was saying, you know I’ve designed my own house to be just as I want it but now it’s built it’s so noisy, it drives me mad I can’t get any peace.

It’s a familiar problem, with the rise in popularity of open plan living and spaces that include more glass and hard surfaces, sound has become a problem. Sound bounces off all the surfaces making the space noisy and stressful. So how do you restore calm?

Elegant wool curtains drape beautifully

Sorting out the problem doesn’t require a drastic décor rethink, there are several sound absorbing solutions that can help. Dense, felty curtains made from wool are an elegant solution, the fabric drapes well and they aren’t bulky. Choice of flooring will alter the acoustics, hardwearing lino and rubber both deaden the impact of noise. On a stone or wood floor, consider adding a thick rug, it can even become an extra space for artwork. When it comes to seating, think lush fabric, large sofas and cushions score high helping stress reduction.

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