Boatswain Lighting

Drum Chandelier

On the look out for lighting which isn’t just a source of illumination but also a focal point. Yes, cross my heart and hope to die,  I would forgo any amount of stair carpet to cross this Drum Chandelier, at Boatswain Lighting off my wish list and make possessing it a reality.

The magical Butterfly Ball

I cant hide the fact I am romantic and love these butterflies, but I certainly dont like winsome. The joy in this Butterfly Ball is found in the indisputable concept that in the dark insects are drawn to the light giving this piece a plausible link with reality. Boatswain designs are gutsy and gritty showing a complete understanding and respect for the porcelain they are created from.

Butterfly Ball the stuff of dreams

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  1. Susie Miles says:

    Hi, I am an interior designer and am currently sourcing a butterfly light like this amazing ‘Butterfly Ball’. Do you know where I may be able to find this for purchase or a contact for a supplier who does?

    Thank you.

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