Bees Make Honey

Bee heading for spring flowers

The loud, lazy drone of a bee as it labours up the garden towards my studio window makes me look up from my table. A sliver of sunshine and they are out and about getting on with the job, brave creatures. Out there it’s getting busy, busy, the spring sunshine is warming the ground, plants are springing into action.

Bee in spring flowers

Hay fever suffers have it tough at this time of the year. I get to thinking about the theory, eating locally produced honey builds immunity against the allergic reaction caused by the pollen.

I was shocked to find that bees will fly a couple of kilometers in search of the nectar they need to produce honey, it made me question whether I was providing enough to help and encourage them into my garden. It’s a suburban thing, a small patch of garden behind each house, two rows of house gardens linked together, creating a wide fertile corridor of greenery. It provides a rich habitat and source of food for wildlife, an amazing asset easily overlooked.

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