Rockingham Rocker

Harold draws a picnic

When I was no more than a tiddler my favorite book was Harold and the Purple Crayon. A very simple and delightful story, this genius toddler has a purple crayon which he uses to draw a story around himself. I blame him for setting the picnic seed in my head very early. He draws a picnic rug with lots of pies and then draws animals to share the food.  I remember imagining eating those delicious pies, they were real to me.

He draws lots of pies

The picture I loved was when he draws himself a ballon to carry him away. The thing that has remained with me from this book is my firm belief that the unbelievable is completely possible and that a drawing can be translated into real life.

He sails away in the ballon he has drawn

This is a long explanation about my instant connection with the chair Rockingham Rocker from Sitting Firm. With it’s very simple lines, like Harolds’ purple crayon lines, it’s verging on the unbelievable, be brave sit on it, it’s incredibly comfortable and supportive.

Rockingham Rocker from Sitting Firm

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  1. Helen says:

    I met the lovely folks at Sitting Firm at Interiors UK. Their chairs are amazing! I can definitely vouch for how comfortable they are. Their modern windsor chairs are my favourites.

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