Making a Garden From Nothing

Succulents on the look out for a new home to populate

The title is rather an ambitious statement, give me a moment and I will explain. This time of year when you get back into the sunshine to survey the damage done to the garden during the winter it’s very easy to get stuck in and tear out those weeds. Remember one girls weeds is anothers’ flowers, it’s too easy to pull out the plants that have sprung up in the wrong place before they get a hold on the garden.

Weedlings are plants in the wrong place

As well as plants in the wrong place, the term weeds also includes plants that have taken over because they love their location. I have noticed my periwinkle becoming quite thuggish, threatening to swamp my alchemelor, before I loose more plants to the periwinkles’ strangling rampage I’m going in with the fork to do some timely weeding.

Velvety blue periwinkle

The weedlings are fine healthy plants and thinking pragmatically, I’ve decided I’ll put them by to give to friends. I’ve started potting up the periwinkle weedlings in new compost. There will also certainly be some lemon balm, mint, hardy geranium and inherited plants I’ve never had a name for. In a shaded corner coset and water your potted weedlings. When your friends sigh over the luscious velvety blue of your periwinkle give them a ready potted specimen to take home and enjoy in their garden.

I don't know what this is called but I know it has elegant lime green spires of flowers

Potted up weedlings become plants you would buy

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