It’s All In The Detail

Anna Tilson vintage crockery table top

There’s no escaping the fact I have a deeply nerdy streak. But saying that lucky for me most of my friends share this trait!

Ancient stoney grouting

Imagine it, an excitedly anticipated reunion with great friends who have come down South for a long planned trip. You’d expect the talk would be catching up on what’s been happening to us all over the last few months. What do we do, we end up talking about grouting, choose the wrong colour and a planned scheme can be rendered numb, get the colour spot on you get a design that flies.

Grid in elephant grey adds tension

I am not ashamed of our obsessive talk as along the way we did also fit in Virginia Woolf, the exchange of must eat recipes and old house porn.

Grey draws all the greys together

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  1. sannijane says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Very inspiring!

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