Welcoming Wildlife into the Garden

Making blackberries

Yes out in the garden again, I promise interiors porn next week. You see environment has an impact on how we feel, in every aspect of our lives, that’s why as an interior designer I talk beyond interiors. I am looking forward to some inspirational wildlife arriving in my little haven, as well as that, the insects will be busy with my fruit and veg, making it happen. They need to be tempted into the habitat, before they get here my job is to provide a delicious all day buffet, so amongst the veg  I am sewing and planting flowers. It’s not just about pretty and  fertilising, planted in combination, the plants can have considerable benefits for each other, a really useful one is protection from intrusion by insects that are a pest.

Blue haze of borage, the bee flower

I knew that after relinquishing my several allotments, slut girl that I am would no longer be able to grow vats of cut flowers for the house. Home grown cut flowers are hard to find and as I looked about for a provider I found the beautiful Higgledy Garden. They also sell seeds, hurry on over and choose a selection to be sent to you tout suite and you too can create your own all summer long flowering plot.

Sweet smelling cut flowers

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