Beautiful Rhubarb

Beautiful rhubarb, red stems, green leaves

Every time I see rhubarb growing I am filled with awe at the uncurling of the gigantic leaves. I got to thinking the plants are so beautiful with their fresh green deeply crunkled leaves and intense red stems, they’d make a wonderful fabric design. Slowly my brain caught up as I remembered a beautiful rainbow chard summer shirt I made with a lush fabric designed Kaffe Fassett.

Kaffe Fassett, Glorious Needlepoint

Putting together inspiration for a design

Recently I found his book Glorious Needlepoint in Oxfam, a wonderful how to book I couldn’t resist, it guides you through the process of creating  your own design. For me rhubarb would be an ideal candidate, I don’t know when I will get on with it but I am enjoying the fantasy of it.

Something to treasure forever

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  1. I always think of secret fairylands when I see rhubarb. I think it’s the way the leaves hide everything going on underneath!

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