Plantation Shutters

Complete privacy

There’s a big want for plantation shutters here in Kingston. It’s a popular densely packed residential area. High on the wish list for lots of people is to have the privacy to chill out in their front room without the threat of passers by idly looking in. Plantation shutters fit the bill everytime as they are both practical and effective. The cost is about the same as having curtains made including tracks and hanging and in the long term they increase the value of your house. I’ve put together a gallery of Victorian villas with shutters. Now it should be cue music, but there isn’t any so play gallery music from Vision On in your head.

Square bay

Angled bay

Square bay wider vanes

Plantation shutters with smaller panels


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2 Responses to Plantation Shutters

  1. Trevor Price says:

    Quite fashionable shutters on some very cute houses.

  2. Meichbi says:

    Dear FlossI’ve just seen your comment on Elizabeth’s blog – I’m tankig part in her fun swap too!I love the old shutters – my daughter lives in a village in Burgundy and her 400yr old house has them too!!Do pop in and see me and I’ll get out my prettiest tea cups and make you very welcome!Wishing you a wonder happy family Sunday.Shane :))

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