When Christmas Shopping Becomes a Pleasure

Winchester, an ancient city, a patchwork of eye candy architecture, the perfect place to get into the Christmas vibe. Small enough to get around quickly, big enough to have the usual chain stores as well as lots of independents for present gap treats.

Starry floor

A city that’s punctuated my adult life forever, my favourite landmark has to be the cathedral, it’s inspiring patina made up of the layering of generations. Even better, if you are lucky enough to be there when the choir is singing.

Alongside the cathedral is the Christmas market, complete with ice rink, a perfect place to get revved up about Christmas. Packed with stalls great to pick up special presents, I found one off porcelain spoons, delicious cobweb mohair wraps, hand blown glass, beautiful Moroccan home wares in traditional as well as simple stylish modern designs.

Lifestyle store, The Hambledon

The shopping magnet that draws me in on every visit has to be lifestyle store, The Hamledon. It ticks every box, covering life style, fashion for all the family, cosmetics, furniture, and ephemera. The best endorsement comes from my fashion phobic man who approves of the menswear department. Joyfully, the well-chosen collection means there’s no danger here of making a fashion faux pas, result pain free shopping for him.

Roses under a Hambledon glass dome

To fill those hungry gaps there are so many cafes, pubs and restaurants to choose from, making Christmas shopping an all day affair to be savoured and lingered over.

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  1. glen Cunningham says:

    Fashion phobic man notes – there is nothing wrong with corduroy …

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