Valentine Heart For My Love

Valentine heart for my love

The idea for these heart patches is to sew one on the inside of a jacket or coat so it lies against the heart, a little piece of secret love to give courage all through the day.
No I’m not an embroidereer, I wont win any embroidery school prizes and I never was the type to frame up some thing I’d sewn. My inspiration for these hearts comes from Sailor Jerry tattoos and the sailors wool pictures that surround me, I love the their bold can do style.
Embellishment of this kind is simple, embroidery thread at about 30p a pop, a scrap of calico and an embroidery hoop, a bargainacious present straight from the heart.

Heart design transferred onto calico

Draw out your design and transfer onto your calico. Stretch calico over the embroidery hoop and start filling in the colours with embroidery thread, make sure the fabric is well covered and there are no gaps in the embroidery.

Colouring in with embroidery silks

When you’re finished filling in the design, give it a firm border by first sewing round the edge with chain stitch, then cover those stitches with a close blanket stitch.

Chain stitch border

Blanket stitch to finish

When you are finished cut out the patch, leaving a 1 cm border of calico that can be turned under when the patch is sewn into the jacket.

For a very special person

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  1. how beautiful and how romantic.

  2. This is fab very romantic and very strange as I am just about to sew an old embroidery I did onto a jacket of mine.

  3. This is such a lovely idea of what you can do with embroidery! I want to make one now! 🙂

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