Monochrome Christmas

Snow on a monochrome landscape

Christmas has been monochrome. It wasn’t by design but the snow certainly helped. Rather than contriving a scheme and forcing it to work I like to work with what’ s there. Looking at the evidence it’s been sneaking up on me for a while now and I am enjoying the effect.

Crisp and snowy

Love the black stripes with the pretty silver florals

I love the silver lacey floral design on the crackers contrasting with the bold ticking stripes of the napkins. Florals have a nasty habit of running rampant, use graphic bold lines to nip it in the bud and bring back control.

Dove cloud

Dove cloud

The Christmas cake can feel like a mammoth undertaking, it doesn’t have to be even though it’s a centre piece. A flutter of doves on the white cloud like cake just seemed right. My mothers was a very minimalist affair, into the white icing she pressed meandering cat paw prints and bird prints. Like the animal prints in the snow in her garden they were the only evidence left at the scene of the crime where a dangerous drama that had taken place.

Cloud cake

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