Before the New Year Begins

Wide open spaces waiting to be explored

So here we are balancing on this slither of time that sits between Christmas and the new year. Like a corner of no mans land, a welcome break from work and real life. A brief corridor of time that slips between the old and the new year giving breathing space before getting back on the treadmill.

Love the way these gates divide the space

What do I want from next year? Last year was full of adventure, build on those experiences, rough out a route for next year. Add rich textures and detail to the scaffold of everyday life, exhibition visiting, book club, long weekends away, walks, camping, family visits, holidays.

New room

In the new year enjoy planting new seeds, plan doing something you haven’t quite got round to doing, boot camp mastering a new skill, it’s all out there waiting for you.

Seedlings grow and flourish in the most hostile surroundings

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