Rosie The Riveter, Thank You

We Can Do It!

Reading about the death at of Geraldine Doyle, the unknowing model for the poster ‘We Can do it!’, (often mistakenly known by the name of the Rockwell illustration ‘Rosie the Riveter’) reminded me that the iconic poster girl image, even after nearly 60 years is a potent role model for contemporary women.

The notion of Rosie has never been alien to me. My mothers’ family, a dominant part of my childhood, was run by a bunch of Amazonian achievers. My grandmother and great aunt, both brave independent women, carved their own successful grooves, I am proud of their can do legacy.

With your no nonsense, roll up your sleeves attitude of getting on with it, the picture of you inspires me. Your spirit of a team player is one I always want to bring to life.

Thank you, Rosie the Riveter.

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