Designer Cracks, Stressed Out by Minimalism

Kitchen sink drama

The best thing about the New Year is it brings on a very strong nesting urge in me. The only other times I’ve craved a session of concentrated sorting have been when I was about to have a baby. And no, there isn’t an imminent arrival.

When I eventually got my new kitchen I promised myself I’d keep it clear and tidy. But I have to report my yearlong experiment of trying to live in a Pawsonesque environment got to me. I’ve got to be honest, it never got off the ground, but I cracked under the sheer effort of the thought.

The area I had an intense desire to be tidy was round the kitchen sink and after careful analysis I realised it was about the hideousness of day-to-day sink management supplies. I decided if they could be attractive it would be OK. So using all my styling skills I applied myself to sourcing the miscellany of useful items, an adventure of raiding trips to Zara, Habitat and the junk shop.

I was mistakenly assuming that during this recession the styling layer is a trivial indulgence. Wrong! It’s this veneer of styling that gives character and dramatically changes the feel of a space, every time it rewards the pennies  invested.

Simple soapy solution

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