When Only A Flask Moment Will Do

Great to get out there

A friend spluttered at me in disgust ‘you have a vacuum flask?’ She has embraced café culture and associates flasks with the grim old days of our unfashionable childhood when there weren’t coffee shops on every corner. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to go back to that life but I am a fan of the flask because they make escape from the everyday possible.

After the glittery Christmas break, with the next holiday a long way off, suddenly life feels relentless. It’s time to claim back simple pleasures with a bracing winter walk. Be brave and in the spirit of finding new delights, venture off the beaten track beyond the boundaries of towns and villages, but beware, the chance of finding a hot drink at the end of your walk is remote. Christmas cake, isn’t quite redundant, dense and rich is completely portable, pack it up with a vacuum flask for a perfect teatime picnic.

A clear frosty day, just right for the Ridgeway, or a bright starry night, swaddled in a down jacket, great for midnight walk through Richmond Park. When you’re totally exhilarated and chilled through from striding out there’s nothing like jumping back in the car to take in the view, while sipping a hot drink from the flask with rescued Christmas cake.

Enjoy the views

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