Kitchen Sink Drama

No wall cupboards

Designing kitchens takes up a large chunk of my work time, I love the nitty gritty of problem solving with clients, here’s a question I was texted the other day.

Hi Amanda, in our kitchen we have decided on cream shaker style base units only and a mantle over a cream Aga. The room is 4mt x 3mt, I don’t want to close in the space using wall cupboards, what do you think?

Lots of space for hiding things

Great, a big kitchen, lots of space to play with. I haven’t seen your kitchen so I can only comment on how I approach the problem. Even in large kitchens organizing storage is an issue; all those things that would have been in the wall cupboards need to go somewhere. I love to use a bank of tower cupboards, they swallow up lots of equipment, fridge freezer, oven and washing machine leaving lovely clear space on the walls.

Islands are great for sitting at and for more storage

Sounds like a perfect place for an island, made to measure really scores here as you can have one made that fits the space perfectly.

Sarah Jones porcelain pendant light

It’s going to be a wonderful clear space, individuality comes from the detail of the top layer. Choose how you want to express your personality, it’s a great place for ecclectic tiles and paintings. A cluster of pendant lights on long cords really add interest to the space, choose carefully they don’t have to cost a fortune.

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