Love is in the Air

Sweet nonsense

Valentines day, overrated, commercialised?

Even if love isn’t in the air I like to make it a special day in our house, a feast for the senses. It’s a chance to show love and appreciation, I’m not saying avoid the commercial bandwagon but when funds are pinched, a thoughtful gesture and some of your time goes a very long way. Also a great excuse to bake and decorate cup cakes, a bouquet of these lovelies will come in at under £5. Choose your style to suit what you have in the decorating department, I wanted to bring some razzle and passion to the day so I combined decorative sparklies with with a shot of Schiaparelli pink icing.

Cakes for everyone to enjoy

On the tiered cake stand is a stack of cakes in all sizes, small ones to nibble on as you cruise by and larger for cosy sharing.

Indulgent treat

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