SAD Café

Busy bee

Winter can seem endless, the prospect of spring a long way off. I heard that in Scandinavia in the winter they have SAD cafes where you can bask under daylight lamps to boost your mood. A clever friend announced she was investing in a daylight bulb, a lot cheaper than a flight to winter sunshine. When it arrived she reported, ‘it is a hideous monstrosity, but it’s beaming away at me so I’m not complaining.’ In my opinion this is an occasion when it’s well worth sacrificing style to function to avoid winter blues, if they are allowed to take root a lot worse things than a style faux pas can happen.

Busy bee filling his trousers with pollen

But take heart get out from your winter cocoon and up your happiness factor by soaking up some of sharp winter sunlight. Even though it might be a false dawn, I’ve got to report that yesterday I couldn’t not get excited when I saw greedy bees gorging themselves on crocuses in the warm sun.

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