Aromas in Healing Environments

Lemon blossom

When I walked into my mothers’ orangery I was wrapped by a sense of euphoria. Though it’s a lean to conservatory with arched Georgian windows that’s not too grand a name for it, this is where her lemon tree is over wintered to protect it from the frost. The euphoria was from the scent of the lemon tree blossom filling the air.

The Orangery, all arched windows

I love the idea of Jane Austen heroines swishing in long dresses on a cloud of euphoria through the orangeries of grand houses. With their portable winter populace of blossoming trees in Versailles planters,  it could be just the place for a secret romantic tryst or somewhere to pace out relationship angst.

Growing lemons

The associations of aroma are important in healing environments; in hospitals the smell of anesthetics can be stressful. Smells are associated with how you feel; you know when things smell good as much as when they smell bad. Aroma is a useful tool, like colour, use it to change the way an environment makes the user feel.

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