All Present and Correct

Special delivery

Giving presents isn’t only about the recipients’ pleasure, don’t underestimate the kick the giver gets from the action of generosity.

Find a box that fits all the presents

Surrounded by a serendipitous assortment of presents my imagination was stretched to decide how on earth this group could be made more exciting than it was.  Putting a bit of extra time and thought raises an ordinary present to something that’s really special. I found a box that fitted all the presents and once I had decided on a theme I had a happy hour wrapping and pulling it all together.

Cover the box

Cover the box with brown paper using PVA glue to stick.

Heart cut outs in stickers

Cut heart shapes out of the centre of large white stickers.

Wrap 'n' stick

Wrap presents in tissue paper, folding as you go. Use heart sticker to secure tissue paper tail.

Box up presents

Arrange presents in box, filling gaps with shredded tissue.

Give present to special person, enjoy rosy glow

Tie box with string, add stickers to write messages on. Making a dull present a little bit special cost about £4, tissue shredded and sheets about  £1.50, heart punch £2.50, other bits found in work room.

Give present to special person. Glow with achievement as they excitedly unwrap gift.

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  1. lucia says:

    Oooh, yummy yummy!! I have been reminded of magic boxes from Cosmetics To Go! Presents are so exciting. I have a serious hankering for beautiful tulips now as well xxxx

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