Mood Food

Chocolate, always a favourite for a quick pick me up. Calorie free music can be an even speedier route to change your mood. If I want a bit of a giggle I think of a song that I share with my kids and soon I am smiling.

Looks like he's got a great evening lined up with the dog, enjoying music over a Martini

Music affects how we feel, it helps make a place. Our local café always had a great atmosphere but since it changed hands it’s altered dramatically. I wouldn’t put it all down to the new owners, it’s the music that’s not doing it anymore. Previously there was an eclectic selection of great music being played, now it’s tinny radio charts, the personality has gone through a 180 degree turn.

It’s recognised in healing environments that sound or lack of it adds a whole dimension to a design scheme. It has as much importance as lighting for instance, use it as an invaluable tool to help create an environment that feels right.

Though I love music I’m not good at remembering the names of tracks, Shazam has been useful identifying mystery music, great for rediscovering lost music as well.

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