Rites of Passage

After months of summer lethargy over the weekend, in town, there was a feeling of purposefulness. A couple too smart for their location, aka the grimmest part of town, stopped me to ask directions to the local department store famous for never knowingly being undersold. Their son was just starting his degree at the university and they had come over from Greece to set him up.

My directions were tempered by a friends’ recollection of picking up his little darling at the end of his first year at university. With total horror he watched boxed sets of crockery and duvets the students parents had lovingly packed them off with being lobbed by the cleaners into a skip! I thought their best bet would be to steer clear of lasting quality and head off to the more cost conscious stores like Ikea, Primark, and Claus Ohlson, where there’s a choice of quick fix items to see them through the early days of their student lives.

And what of the more personal reminders? Pictures on phones are a ubiquitous part of life, instead of the cliched framed photo I wonder what students pack to help them through their moments of homesickness? For me fresh flowers make home and yes, when I spread my wings for student life I did pack a vase.

Flowers make home

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