Homely Healing Environments

I got to thinking about gifts to take to a friend in hospital. If they can’t do food, bang goes the basket of fruit and the other natural gift, flowers, are not always allowed.

Hospitals are alien spaces and making them more comfortable and homely can help make the experience less stressful for the patient. Thoughtful presents that make the experience of living in bed better needn’t be extravagant. Keeping up appearances can make all the difference to how patients feel, bag up a selection of survival gifts, unscented wet wipes, mirror and hair brush, lip balm, lavender essential oil, a few drops on the pillow is a great way to help you get to sleep, fruit drinks like Rocks Ginger cordial, note book and pen, for keeping in touch, notelets with stamps, a good read, humour helps get the healing endorphins going, as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

During a hospital stay, after putting on the gift of a new dressing gown, I suddenly felt smarter and more able to face the world. If you can splash out, a pretty cardigan or cosy pashmina, a wonderful bed time treat, Zara home store always has appropriate, divine nightwear.

When someone’s very sick, even after they leave hospital they wont be 100%, so it’s reassuring to feel there will be a support system waiting for them. Make vouchers for chores you can do and they can select a couple that suits them. Little things can make all the difference to recovery, it’s up to you what you offer, some ideas; collect them from hospital, deliver a cooked a meal, do some shopping, a couple of loads of washing,

These people make good little presents, great to play with and always make people smile


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