Beautiful Isolation

Single bud

Fresh flowers win every time, they make a place feel loved. Even on a tight budget, not always an unnecessary extravagance, a supermarket bunch of flowers is a great way to extend the budget.

You don’t have to buy, be open minded about what constitutes fresh flowers and foliage, a single stem, a flower or a budded branch, on the point of breaking open, picked from the garden. Bud vases come into their own here, displaying flowers as specimens, singly, gives space to see the individual. Even an ordinary pop bottle can look good, mix with charity shop finds, the ultimate recycling chic.

Reaching tulip

The single unruly, exuberant, bold tulip, petals in disarray, looks strangely beautiful as it precariously reaches out. Love the arabesque curl of the single freesia.

Tulip tree

A ceramic tree, a junk shop find, has 3 deep wells for holding flowers, is perfect as a specimen vase; it helps a bunch of tulips go a long way. Great with Delyth Jones cows and sheep.


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