Design Icon

Chic but not afraid of hard work

Design icons,  something to aspire to, so often way out of reach of the pocket of ordinary people. Good news! Not so with white domestic ceramics. I am a great fan of their, simple utilitarian good looks, their functionality, they keep on working every time.

Couldn't resist this one

Great sentiment

Hardwearing the ultimate peoples product, always in hardware shops, often in cutting edge design stores. Easy on the eye these timeless classics sit happily in contemporary or traditional settings.


So many whites

White bowls from charity and junk shops, car boot sales, all come with their own unique history. White has a huge range, mellow cream white, blue white, stone white. How white is white?

How white is white?

Following in the footsteps, simple timeless classic with a twist, Word range from Keith Brymer Jones, click on the photo for detail.


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