That Chocolate Moment

Smiling at him comes easy

London Design Week, and too many exciting events to choose from. Going to the Sojourneposse lecture at UCL Aesthetics as a means to Heal, set me off on a journey. One of the speakers photographer David Salas, showed us and talked about his very harrowing reportage images. He was interested by the response the viewer has to the image even when they are not involved in the action, their hepacity. By the same token he observed the feelings caused by humorous pictures are no less valuable and welcomed the ‘moment’ they give the viewer.

When I feel something having a direct effect on me, the rush is like a chocolate moment, some pieces of music do it, but it can happen with any of the senses. I had a moment when I saw a plastic giraffe standing on a windowsill; he had obviously fallen out of a buggy. With that perky face even the most hard bitten would light up. How useful  to stimulate the senses and bring chocolate moments to designing a space so it feels just right.

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